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A Message From Our President

Depending on the source, it is reported that the Jewish population in South Florida numbers over 500,000. There are over 30 synagogues within a short driving distance from ours, Temple Sinai of North Dade (TSND).

Welcome to our website! Whatever your reason for landing here, maybe you are unaffiliated, new to town, looking for change, or already a partner just checking out our website; we invite you to learn more about us.  

Now in our 60th year, we are the spiritual home for singles, families with and without children, empty nesters, and every category in between. Our partners join us Friday night for Shabbat services, or some prefer our Saturday morning service, and others are most comfortable at our High Holiday services.  Our educational programs and varied social activities expand our partners’ minds and grow friendships in the congregation.

I discovered TSND 20 short years ago, among the 30 some other congregations here, when I relocated from the northeast. Immediately, TSND became the local anchor for my family. As the core for our worship, education, social action, simchas, and life cycle events, TSND is our family.

As a family, we are a diverse group. During oneg, for example, a visitor might notice at least 5 different languages being spoken by our partners. We are truly representative of this Jewish population in South Florida.

So, why is TSND your congregation? Do you support inclusion and equality? Do you appreciate educational excellence? Is participation important to you? Do you wish to explore spirituality? Do you want to be part of a community where everybody knows your name? Do you want to actively engage in respect for the environment? You are nodding “Yes!”? That’s why TSND is your congregation.

I look forward to getting to know you as a partner, and I invite you to come learn more about TSND.


Murphy Leopold

President, Temple Sinai of North Dade


2016-2017 Board of Trustees


Murphy Leopold President
Doris Pienknagura 1st Vice President
Lee Goldberg 2nd Vice President
Bob Mirel Treasurer
Mauricio Assael Secretary
Ellen Halem Immediate Past President



Lenny Bendell Carol Moss
Sharron Botwinick Howard Ross 
Matias Cohen Evelyn Stahl 
Darren Friedman Pablo Szprynger
Sage Kantor Elise Udelson
Robin Leader Landau Renée Yeslow



George Berlin* Arnold Meyer*
Sam Bloom* Florence Nelson*
Rose Ellen Glickman Aaron Podhurst
Ralph Hollander* Kenneth Schwartz*
Jeannette Jacobson* Al Sherman*
Sue Shapiro Klau Daniel Supon*
Norman S. Klein Jon Sussman
Robert Layton Brian Tarasuk
Murphy Leopold *in loving memory
Norman Leopold


Temple Sinai LEAP Program

Temple Sinai’s Leadership Education and Preparation course – L.E.A.P. – was created by the Board Development Committee in 2008 and is designed to strengthen our synagogue community by identifying and training talented and energetic partners who are trained to be knowledgeable about the synagogue, support our mission to nurture souls to a fuller Jewish life, and who are or will be ready to assume leadership roles.

L.E.A.P. is a series of 5 intense sessions culminating with a Shabbat graduation. It offers its participants opportunities for personal growth and development as well as training to accept a position of leadership. In a spiralling curriculum, L.E.A.P. participants learn about our campus, the history of Reform Judaism and Temple Sinai, the synagogue’s relationship to the wider Jewish community, the organization of the congregation including governance, finance, programs and education. There is a focus on spirituality and specific leadership lessons which come both from text study at the beginning of each session as well as from other activities.


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Managing the Sacred: A Guide for Synagogue Board Members

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Monday, May 29 2017 4 Sivan 5777