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Have your child grow with us! Your child's education starts here, where deep roots are planted for a bright future.

  • Living Judaism: We promote Jewish continuity through the celebration of Shabbat, holidays, traditions, and culture while nurturing a strong connection to Israel.

  • Outstanding multi-lingual faculty of veteran master teachers: English, Hebrew, Spanish and Portuguese (Meet our Staff).

  • A unique environment for learning: Beautiful, spacious 14-acre campus including a nature trail, with nature-based learning activities. Full range of art, music, creative movement, science, nature and literary learning environment.

  • From 18 months to 5 years with convenient scheduling options: 5 days (half or full-day).  

  • Early and After Care Enrichment Programs (Click for more info).

We're so excited to learn and celebrate with you at Temple Sinai's Early Childhood Education Center. Please complete the following enrollment form so we can be ready to welcome you!

City and State


Please note: We adhere to the September 1 cutoff date. For example, to enter PK2, a student must be two years old before August 31, 2019.
Teacher to student ratio of 1:4 with a maximum of 8 students per classroom.
Teacher to student ratio of 1:5 with a maximum of 10 students per classroom.
Teacher to student ratio of 1:8 with a maximum of 16 students per classroom.
Teacher to student ratio of 1:8 with a maximum of 16 students per classroom.

TGS Toddler Graduate School 18-24 months 5 full days - $11,640
TGS Toddler Graduate School 18-24 months 5 half days - $10,610

PK 2 Pre-Kindergarten 24-36 months 5 full days - $12,300
PK 2 Pre-Kindergarten 24-36 months 5 half days - $11,020

PK 3 Pre-Kindergarten 36-48 months 5 full days - $12,600
PK 3 Pre-Kindergarten 36-48 months 5 half days - $11,230

PK 4 Pre-Kindergarten 4-5 years old 5 full days - $12,650

There is a non-refundable deposit of $750 per child applied to your annual tuition. There is an additional $550 annual security fee per child.

We are proud to offer a sibling discount of 5% of the oldest child’s annual tuition to families with two or more children.

Included with your tuition:
  • Membership in PTA
  • School t-shirt
  • Participation in synagogue life at Temple Sinai:
    • Opportunity to make lifelong friends in a warm and welcoming Jewish community
    • Shabbat, High Holy Day, and Holiday services
    • Family and youth programs including CU@Shabbat, Gan Shabbat
    • Educational, social, musical, and special events throughout the year
    • Bi-monthly bulletin (Mosaic), weekly Sinai Scene (e-newsletter)
    • Priority registration for Camp Sinai
Available for additional fees:
  • Lunch may be purchased daily through our school caterer: $7/day per child
  • Pizza lunch for purchase every Friday: $7 per child
  • Early and After Care Enrichment with sufficient demand
  • PK3 and PK4 JCC Swim Program during school hours

Suggested Annual Giving Campaign Donation
Temple Sinai’s Annual Giving Campaign helps fill the gap between income from Partnership Commitment, fees, tuition, donations, and the actual cost of running the synagogue’s programs, including the Early Childhood Education Center.

We accept payments by e-check, credit card or cash. Please complete either the e-check or credit card information below.

Please check each box below indicating your agreement.
I/We agree to pay all tuition and fees charged to our bank account using e-check or our credit card using the information provided on this form.
There are many factors that determine class placement, including date of registration, birthdates, boy-girl ratio, specific dismissal time, and, if applicable, children’s interactive behaviors and compatible chemistry developing a well-balanced group. We welcome any information about your child that you feel could help us determine placement. Temple Sinai’s ECEC faculty comprises caring and committed educators and it is within our purview to make classroom assignments. Our mission is finding the best educational environment to optimize your child’s growth and learning. Please understand that teachers cannot promise placement in a particular class. We thank you for your cooperation.
I/We understand and accept that Temple Sinai of North Dade Inc. DOES NOT REFUND REGISTRATION FEES, DEPOSITS, TUITION FEES, OR ANY OTHER PAYMENTS TO THE SCHOOL, if we decide to remove our child(ren) from the school after registration, except in the following circumstances: where the school has counseled us to withdraw our child; where we had hoped to move to the area but are no longer able to do so; or where we are moving away from the area for a job or to make aliyah. Refunds will be issued if there is insufficient class enrollment.
It is agreed that payments of all tuition and fees will be received on time. It is understood that Temple Sinai of North Dade Inc. has the right and responsibility to make every effort to assure the on-time collection of all outstanding balances due and may, in cases of non-compliance, elect to terminate the relationship. I/We agree to pay all costs of collection, including reasonable attorney’s fees, in the event that any payment hereunder is not timely made and it becomes necessary to utilize the services of an attorney, whether the matter be brought to arbitration or not.
I/We agree to allow my child’s name, photograph, and information to be used by the school in the school’s publications, videos, promotional materials and website, without compensation and without prior notice. I release and hold the school harmless from any liability stemming from the use of my child’s name, photograph, or information.
Binding Arbitration and Prevailing Party Status: We believe that arbitration is the most appropriate way to resolve any dispute that may arise between Temple Sinai of North Dade, Inc. and you. By submitting this application, you and Temple Sinai agree that any and all disputes arising out of or related to your child's enrollment in Temple Sinai, or to any other aspect of the relationship between you and/or your child, on the one hand, and Temple Sinai or any of its employees, on the other, shall be heard and determined exclusively by final and binding arbitration before a single arbitrator under the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association, in Miami-Dade County, Florida and judgment upon the arbitration award may be entered in any court of competent jurisdiction. The substantive laws of Florida shall be applied in resolving any such dispute. Agreeing to final and binding arbitration means forgoing many elements of litigation in court, most notably detailed discovery, trial by jury, and the right to appeal. Temple Sinai believes that the advantages of relative speed and economy, and of confidentiality, outweigh any disadvantages. Should you have any questions regarding this choice of process, we recommend that you consult with counsel prior to submitting this application. The prevailing party in the arbitration proceeding shall be awarded all costs and reasonable attorney's fees in an amount determined by the arbitrator. Such an award shall include the costs and reasonable attorney's fees incurred in the arbitration proceeding as well as the costs and reasonable attorney's fees incurred in preparing for and attending any scheduled mediation.
I/We hereby consent and hold the school harmless for the release of my child’s records and information upon request by an educational institution or law enforcement agency. I also release and hold the school harmless from any liability stemming from the use, disclosure or release of my child’s records or information.

In addition to the submission of our online Enrollment form we will also need:

Mon, December 9 2019 11 Kislev 5780