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When you were a kid you had playdates. As an adult you found love on JDate. 

For an eternal connection - make a PrayDate.

PrayDate is an initiative of Temple Sinai of North Dade's Early Childhood Education Center and brings friends together to “do Jewish.”

Many people just don't find formal prayer intrinsically meaningful and powerful. To be sure, we enjoy the music and maybe even the sermon but the experience is not something we would choose to participate in if we found ourselves with a little free time. And the same is true for other Jewish events and activities.

But all of that changes when we stop thinking about "doing Jewish" as attending programs and start thinking about it as a chance to be with our friends. I may not want to go to synagogue on my own but if I know my best friend is coming with me - that changes everything. When I make a PrayDate with a friend, the experience changes from an event we are attending to an experience we are sharing. 

You Bring the Friends, We Bring the Fun!

Here's how it works: Throughout the year we will have scheduled PrayDate gatherings at Oleta State Park. We'll have music, dancing, arts and crafts and share in a really beautiful Shabbat celebration together. You have two jobs:

  1. Pack a picnic dinner for your family
  2. Invite your friends and make a PrayDate!


PrayDates only work if you invite your family and friends so click below to make a PrayDate!

Please note: There is a $6 entrance fee to Oleta State Park/car

It's All About Relationships

"People will come to synagogues, Jewish community centers, federations, and other organizations for programs, but they will stay for relationships. Programs are wonderful opportunities for community members to gather, to celebrate, to learn. There is nothing wrong with programs; every organization has them. But, if the program designers have given no thought to how the experience will offer participants a deeper connection to each other, with the community and with Judaism itself, then it will likely be another lovely evening, afternoon or morning with little or no lasting impact." (Dr. Ron Wolfson, CJ Voices)

Sun, June 13 2021 3 Tammuz 5781