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On Being Black and White in America

01/05/2017 01:33:07 PM


Rabbi Alan Litwak - July 8, 2016

When I was a rabbinic student, one of my professors taught us that the role of the rabbi is to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable. In light of the events of this week and the past few weeks, I am feeling deeply those two conflicting responsibilities.
I am a proud American, but I’ve never felt angrier at America. I am a proud American, but I’ve never felt more scared of America. I...Read more...

Some Thoughts on the Recent UN Resolution 2334 and Secretary Kerry’s Statement

01/03/2017 04:43:25 PM


Rabbi Alan Litwak – January 1, 2017

Over the past week, a lot has been written about the recent United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334 regarding Israel and the settlements, followed by Secretary Kerry’s long statement regarding a peace process.  I have been hesitant to write anything, as there are plenty of excellent articles and opinions that have been written (for which I have provided...Read more...

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