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At Temple Sinai, we are “partners.”

At Temple Sinai there is a difference between a “Temple” and a “Congregation.” One is a physical structure, and the other is a group of individuals who have come together in common purpose. Too often, our Judaism revolves around “the Temple” and not “the congregation.” In our congregation, we no longer use the word, “member.” Our Rabbi and the partners of Temple Sinai believe that being a part of a congregation should mean more than paying dues and “going to Temple.” Partnership requires that the partners contribute something to the venture. We would like you to contribute your time, your experience, your talents, and your presence. When we do this, we create a rich and textured communal fabric, and become stronger and better, together.

We are a congregation of individuals who come together to share the highs and lows of the life cycle, our common history and destiny, and our mutual values, ideology, and rituals.

We are part of a shared venture – our product is a fuller Jewish life. Come join us.

Partnership at Temple Sinai

Within its walls, we celebrate life cycle events, learn of our rich history and heritage, and pass on our faith and traditions to our children, ensuring continuity from generation to generation. We worship together, celebrate together, learn together, and mourn together – as a congregation, as an extended family, as a spiritual community.

As you navigate through our site, you will discover the richness that Temple Sinai offers its partners through our:

  • Shabbat and Holiday Services
  • Gan Sinai Early Learning Center
  • Religious School - Sun Sinai
  • Youth Program
  • Adult Education
  • Programs for every Community Member

Temple Sinai welcomes all who would like to worship, learn and celebrate with us. Temple Sinai is alive – growing and flourishing. Rooted in the beauty and richness of our Jewish tradition towards a fuller Jewish life. We practice and cherish our liberal Jewish tradition in accordance with contemporary and changing needs. We express ourselves through the customs and ceremonies of our religion which have been handed down to us from the past, as well as through new rituals and practices. Our partners establish their own individual commitment to Jewish observance, encouraged and supported by the synagogue and congregation.

Please join us and experience the warmth and ruach (spirit) of our Temple family.

You can contact us with any questions by calling the Temple Office 305.932.9010, or by filling out this form and we'll reach out to you.


Susan Warech
Director of Administration

Tue, July 16 2024 10 Tammuz 5784