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All of our services will be streamed online this year!

This is going to be different…Yes, the look and feel of our services this year will be different than in years past.  And, while we all wish we could be sitting together, as we always have, we are also blessed with technology that will enable us to still pray and learn and engage with one another.  Over the month of September there will be live, digital services, some prerecorded services and some opportunities to be physically together in the sanctuary. We will do what we can to maximize the feeling of being a part of the community by experiencing things live and for the clergy to be able to interact with the congregation in real time. Some prerecording will help us to reduce the number of potential things that could go wrong as well as allow us to be extremely creative in what we will be doing. During the High Holy Days, we strive to see ourselves honestly so that we can work towards becoming our best selves. (In the case you thought that, by prerecording, we were only interested in presenting unrealistic perfection, we are planning to save some clips of our “less than best selves” for a Purim bloopers video. Hopefully, we will all be able to enjoy it in the sanctuary together!) 

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Help us make this season a reality! 

High Holy Days at Temple Sinai costs almost $35,000. This includes programming, staff, musicians, materials, streaming, recording, security, and equipment. We are able to provide a wonderful experience through the generosity of our sponsors. All donors will be listed in our digital media throughout the High Holy Days and in the Mosaic. Please consider helping us with this.

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George J. & Lila M. Berlin Community Bridge Fund


Wed, December 2 2020 16 Kislev 5781